On-Court Etiquette and Dress Code

What to wear

Players must wear predominantly white or cream clothing (guideline: 80% white).

Shoes are now classed as equipment and therefore can be any colour.

Coloured tracksuits, sweaters, etc. may be worn during warm-up. The warm-up period would not normally exceed 15 minutes

Non-marking footwear must be worn on court

Play the Game

Members, guests and visitors are required to comply with the club rules at all times, and to observe the etiquette and rules of tennis.

Conduct on court unbecoming of a gentlemen or a lady will be dealt with by the marker in adherence to the rules of tennis. Persistent poor behaviour can lead to a player being dismissed from the court and the match forfeited. More detailed guidelines can be viewed below.

Should you need to use the gallery passageway while a game is in progress, kindly wait for a pause in play. Usually this would mean waiting for the players to change ends.

Players should arrive in time to get changed and commence play on the hour. Avoidable tardiness is discourteous and disruptive.

The handicap difference (if any) should be established prior to commencement of play.

To determine who will serve, it is customary to spin a racket and call rough or smooth. Alternatively, players may elect to flip a coin.

A courtesy which the club seeks to encourage: prior to commencement of play, the receiver should empty the ball basket into the dedans tray before walking to the hazard end – returning the basket to its position beneath the net on the way. Repeat as necessary when changing ends. Please do not throw the basket, as this will damage them, and they are expensive.

When changing end, the player(s) at the service end must wait at the net and allow the player(s) at the hazard end to cross through to the service end. It is considered good manners to place some balls on your opponent’s racket.

At the close of play, gather together all balls – including those in the galleries – into the basket and place the basket on the ledge of the first gallery.

Club Rules and Markers Guidelines



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