Spoof is a popular bar game at the club, played a series of rounds by two or more.

In each round, the objective is to guess the aggregate number of coins held in concealment by the players. At the beginning of every round, each player each player elects to secret a number of coins (one, two or three – or indeed, none at all) in one hand. When time is called, players must extend their closed hand before them, in the circle of play

The coins can be of any denomination; indeed, the values of the coins are irrelevant: any suitable objects could be used in place of coins.

For the first round, an initial guesser is selected to start the game. Although the first to guess appears to have the advantage in that all possible sums are available, he will also lack insight into what the others might be holding – this is subsequently indicated by their guesses.

No player can guess the same total as any other player.

If you think no players are holding coins, call “Spoof!”

Once all players have called, everyone opens their fist, displays their coins and a count is made.

It is illegal to open your hand without first calling out your guess.

The player who has correctly guessed the total amount of coins is eliminated. The remaining group proceeds to the next round.

If no player guesses correctly, play simply continues in the next round.

The starting guesser for each successive round is the next active player, moving clockwise from the previous starter.

Play continues until all but one player remains. That last remaining player forfeits the stipulated stakes.

No gloating! eliminated players seen to celebrate or crow are penalised by buying a round of drinks for all present.



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