Club Code of Conduct

For Members And Their Guests

The pride members feel in their club is expressed in their standards of dress and behaviour. Wearing of a jacket, collar and tie is encouraged – but in general, smart casual dress is perfectly acceptable, jeans are allowed but not ripped clothing or round neck t-shirts. Any behaviour that is deemed unbecoming of a gentlemen and or inappropriate for the club of our standing, will be dealt with by the committee.

Although overcoats, hats and scarves may be worn in the dedans and gallery passage, it is not appropriate in the public rooms. Extraneous garments may be left in the dressing rooms or on the cloakroom coat racks.

It is each member’s responsibility to ensure that they and their guests adhere to the above rules. Anyone considered to be in breach of these codes is liable to be appraised of that fact – a circumstance likely to cause embarrassment to all concerned.

The mobile phone policy is covered in the attached document. But in addition, if you or your guests mobile phone is heard ringing during a game you will be fined a bottle of Club Champagne, this will will go on your bill, and be consumed at the club’s discretion.

Members and guests wearing recognised national dress or Service uniform are welcome.

The on-court dress code and behaviour appears in this site’s ‘Games’ section under etiquette.

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